Projections suggest that in Kenya temperatures will rise up to 2.5ºC between 2000 and 2050, while rainfall will become more intense and less predictable. A study by Netherlands Commission for environment assessment Dutch sustainability Unit done 2015 indicates so. This is very dangerous for the climate and the people living in it the reason for urgency of cop22

Cutting of trees in Kenya has been repeatedly activity especially from low income segment that sell the trees and use the trees to cut wood for commercial purposes. This has made the country to become warm than usual which affects the rains and agriculture at large.

While it’s easy to enjoy our comfortable lifestyles, complete with air conditioning, smart phones, and unlimited buffets, many humans don’t have those luxuries. And these people are easy to ignore unless you see them living in squalor. Planet earth and its inhabitants, animals, waters, and plants are being ravaged and ignored.

Kenya population is 47M according to worldometer without taking good care the environment we will be putting its people in danger because it is growing by day. The increase in population creates more of a demand for cattle, thus increasing the amounts of farmed castles. Raising, slaughtering, and shipping of these cows use a lot of fossil energy, water and land. It also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and sometimes the decline of rain forests.

Most industries emit dangerous gasses and through waste with dangerous metals in rivers, little children play next to a severely polluted canals. While some parents here worry about giving their kids non-organic foods, imagine living in the one of the most polluted city. Every day local tanneries dump several cubic liters of toxic waste are damped in Nairobi River that passes right at the heart of the city.

Oil spills affect marine life and other animals, as well as beaches. It is estimated that discarded plastic will outweigh fish in the oceans by 2050. E-Waste is also a concern that is growing as technology is advancing and expanding. Smart phones, computers and the like are trashed and can contain potentially harmful components that can seep into groundwater

Deforestation is another big problem in Kenya. Fires destroy the flora and fauna living in this forest .The Earth has a natural “greenhouse” that keeps us insulated. If it didn’t exist we would be frozen. But the use of fossil fuels adds additional gases to our greenhouse, which insulates our atmosphere, leading to rising temperatures across the world. Due to global warming, a times we are faced by floods on coastal towns that bring in garbage and destroys homes

Over fishing to feed the increasing global population is serious threat. Future generations won’t be able to enjoy the wild fish we enjoy and will have to consume less tasty farmed fish. It is said we will run out of seafood around 2050. can be done, we need cop22 urgently.

Betty Mbithi


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