The Woman in Me

I am the first born in a family of eight.We are six Ladies and two gentlemen.Both my parents were teachers when I was born and growing up .My mother is still a teacher to date but my father retired.As a first born and a girl life was not a bed of roses.I was charged with responsibility of taking care of my siblings.A times i would miss school to take care of them when the house help left.This will take close to two weeks or until my Mum would get another house help.

This experience as a young girl gave me a very bad perception about motherhood and I hated being a girl,boys never missed school to take care of kids because according to African culture that was a taboo.I admired being a boy because their education was never interrupted and I used to love books.Unfortunately this is still happening to date and those that have grown to be mothers encourage the same because that is how they were treated and this is number one reason why Women should be empowered and give their girl child a better life than they got.

Time passes and at some point I finished my primary school,after having had to repeat a class because had missed almost half of the term.Real Drama started when I was to join high school.There was literally no money.I couldn’t understand how two teachers could not afford school fees for their first born child and to make it worse my Mum used to give birth every year so I was wondering how my parents will raise all of us,I later come to understand that she was doing that because of the pressure from the society to give birth to a boy,this made her give birth to Five girls before she finally delivered a boy.

My Dad used to bit Mum and I almost daily for no good reason and the same happened to other neighboring  families too.This real bothered me .I told myself when I grow up I want to be a voice for Africa women because after going through some articles I discovered that the problems women were facing in Africa were almost related.This also gave me a very cold feet for Men and it was until I gave my life to Christ when I forgave Dad and I chose to find a way of empowering women and young girls because my Mum and I were victim and I didn’t want to see any body else go through the same.I remember one day my Mum telling Dad”If I had my own account I would take Betty to school”. That statement disturbed me so much,I could not relate how Mum was working and she did not have a bank account.I later come to understand that Dad and demanded that they open a joint account and every time they will go to withdraw Money,Dad will take all of it in the name of paying my school fees which he rarely did.My mum was not allowed to join any Women group,Dad termed those groups as a bad influence.She was not allowed to take any vocational courses or add anything to her skills lest she become “better than him”

Thanks to God ,some of my relatives intervened,one of the things that happened after the intervention, My mum was able to open an account and operate it herself.80% of the school fees for my siblings and I ,my Mum has struggled alone for years.I kept on asking myself,” with all the handwork and the zeal to look after her children when my Dad was drinking all his money if she was more empowered wouldn’t she change the world”…………..??????????

That is the question that have been asking myself for years until I met Sabina Hassan Founder of (Vnow) in one of the change maker online courses with passion to empower women and I realized my question was almost getting answered and it is possible to empower women,interestingly even where am currently working have encountered women who take loans and they give all the money to their husband who drink all of it or just use it the way they want,eventually the women are unable to service their loans.

Women have been victims of Violence,they have been sidelined and looked down upon.Personally have climbed the cooperate ladder holding several leadership roles and one of the things have noted Men reluctantly do what you say,not that you are not skilled but just because you are woman.

I want to be a Voice in the community because I am a living example of Women inequality in the society.Am not saying all men are bad but quite a number of them do not value women and I respect Men but women are precious and they have a right to education,technology,positions and even property.

All this has motivated me to empower Women in Africa who similarly go through the same issues,Women in  Africa have lands and farming skills yet they lack the right technology ,Women in Africa are intelligent but they lack the skills to develop themselves further.Women in Africa can access finances but most of them lack financial literacy and they end up diverting the money.Women Africa want to raise income and take care of their families but they have no idea who they can collaborate and partner with to implement their ideas.I want to empower this woman.Most African women who have no idea on how to use a computer yet we are living in technological era

That is my Story in summary.
You can access my professional profile in LinkedIn
You could also ask me anything that you want to know about me that have not capture here and in the profile.I would also wish to read your story.


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